Knife 101

I started off a bit skeptical when I saw some of the the opening demonstration techniques. But the content of the video stuck to fundamentals. In fact, given just a few minutes, you’d be hard pressed to beat Jack in laying out some good guidance. And if he can pull off some of those advanced skills when the heat is on, rock on. Just don’t try it on the local MS-13 right away if you’re new. We build to that! – Pahlawan

BlackScoutSurvival March 31, 2016 Jack who is a former Marine goes into some rudimentary tactics for self defense in knife fighting.

via Knife Fighting 101- Black Scout Combatives — TheBreakAway


2 thoughts on “Knife 101

  1. While my concerns are from a civilian perspective, with street crime, escalated debates, or vengeance as main motives, this video still shows some solid basics, and a mindset to handle it. I lack the qualification to estimate how qualified military personnel, or ex-military people, are in comparison, but I know there is much worse offered as ‘proper self defense vs knives’ on youtube & other websites.

    I found this via a reblog on wordpress dot com. Thanks for sharing.

    Last: Dammit, am I the only one on the planet who found that plenty of ‘assisted opening’ knives actually need a fierce grip, for they can catapult themselves out of the hand, if one does not invest some strength to squeeze them during the opening click? 😉

    1. Andrè, Good point on being confident in opening your folder. I practice at least daily drawing and opening my EDC knife (assisted opening) so I have it down after hundreds if not thousands of reps. Years ago, in an armed robbery situation, I went for my knife with a slower and surer two-handed opening because I didn’t want to risk tossing my equalizer into the street. It definitely pays to be familiar with your own gear. – Pahlawan

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