A normal pen can be used for self-defense, but this one is extra sturdy and includes a glass breaker. My wife gave this one to me for no reason. I picked a good one! Search YouTube for palm stick to see some good ways to use these if you find yourself in a jam.
Flashlights are useful in the dark. Not just for finding your way, but also disorienting an attacker. For a fun illustration, have a friend shine one in your eyes while you try to punch him. Shine and move! Now I love me some high speed lithium powered tacticool lights, but if you can get similar performance at a fraction of the price using AAA’s, why not?
The Kershaw Leek designed by Ken Onion is one of my favorites and my usual EDC. I like the assisted opening and slim profile for comfortable and inconspicuous carry. For the money, this knife is tough to beat and I’ve owned more than one over the years. The only aspect I don’t like is the safety feature. You might like it, but if you don’t, it’s easily removed with a small screwdriver.


The direct approach of kicking in the front door is a preferred method to unlawfully gain entry to a home. If it’s not clear from the photo, this is a kit to reinforce an exterior door. When I moved into my house, I saw signs of a previous attempted break in. Now, it is a far tougher challenge if anyone should try again.
I use this to brace a side door on my house. It will likely stop a forced entry and, if not, cause significant delay and difficulty. That means more time for detection and, if I’m home, the welcoming committee will be assembled and ready. Also, though not a great picker, I can pick the lock on this door, but that approach won’t work with this tool in place.

Gadgets and Gear:

I love these. Just because I’m looking dapper doesn’t mean I’m unprepared. Unopened bottle? Loose screw? I’ve got it covered. Also, if you’ve never used metal collar stays before, you’ll never go back. It just feels better.
Working in Africa , I drank bottled water, but used one of these to filter water for brushing teeth and as a contingency plan. At home, I keep it handy just in case.


Win the bloodless battle and avoid violence before it starts. Too many people recommended this book to me for me to ignore it. It wasn’t a disappointment. Realistic self-defense isn’t about punching your way out of danger. It’s about using your head and this book will help you do that.
  Look, I know it’s fiction, but if you want a fun read that incorporates a realistic approach to self-defense and security, you might dig this first installment of a great series. Eisler’s flawed hero has to out-think his adversaries.